Community Power Advisory Committee


Purpose: To provide the Salisbury Board of Selectmen with a recommendation in order to make a decision on whether or not to enroll the entire Town of Salisbury in the Merrimack County Community Power Electric Aggregation Plan, in conjunction with the Community Power Coalition of NH and other surrounding communities. The committee will consist of five members appointed by the Salisbury Board of Selectmen.

Seek further clarification on regulation of electrical from the utility companies and power suppliers
Identify best option for the Town as a whole
Identify all costs associated for operating the program, potential incidental costs, performance & financial requirements, administrative costs, support services, billing, etc.
Appoint a Principal Representative, Alternate Representative and Authorized Officer to serve on the council for the County Commissioners pursuant to CPCNH’s Joint Powers Agreement

Goal: To be able to recommend a Warrant Article for the 2025 Town Meeting (Legislative Body) by January 1, 2025 or recommend enrollment approval or disapproval to the Town of Salisbury’s Governing Body (Board of Selectmen).


Committee Members

Laura Bartlett


Eric Swendsen

Vice Chair

Lorna Carlisle


Kevin O'Neill


Nathan Irving