HWD Advisory Committee

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This Committee is no longer meeting


Purpose: To provide the Board of Selectmen with recommendations in order to establish a Highway Department versus having an elected Road Agent. The committee will consist of five members appointed by the Board.


*Seek the public’s input
*Identify potential options
*Identify all costs associated for establishment (grader, 2 dump trucks w/plows/wings/sander, 1-ton w/plow & sander, backhoe, 3 fulltime employees and misc. equipment)
*Search for appropriate locations (land for salt/sand shed & equipment building)

Goal: To be able to recommend a Warrant Article(s) for the 2023 Town Meeting by December 1, 2022. 


Committee Members

Marcus Zuech


William MacDuffie, Jr.

Vice Chair

Cheryl Bentley


David Kelly


David Rapalyea


Sarah John

Recording Secretary