Cyclical Work Begins ~ May 22, 2018

Dear Property Owner,

Starting Tuesday, May 22, 2018, appraisers from Cross Country Appraisal Group, LLC will be visiting in your area. The appraisers will be measuring the first 1/4 of the properties in Town and the data collected will be used for the revaluation for 2022.

The appraisers are there to measure the exterior of all buildings on the property and if the homeowner or occupant is home will ask to walk through the interior of the buildings. If nobody is home the appraisers will measure the outside of the buildings and leave a note stating that they were at the property and that the homeowner will be contacted at a later date to request an interior inspection.

     All appraisers have ID badges and signs on their cars. A list of the appraisers with their pictures and license information are available at the Town Office.

The appraisers will only enter a building if there is a person 18 years of age or older to show them through the building. Entrance to your property is not mandatory but it will help insure that your next assessment will be accurate. If you do not want an appraiser going onto your property, please contact Rick Earls at 603-344-0031.


     Town of Salisbury