Important NOTICE About Voting Changes for September 8, 2020

Election Officials, Town Adminstrator and Chief MacDuffie would like to assure all citizens of Salisbury they are working, to be sure voters will vote in a safe election this fall.  The decision has been made to vote on September 8, 2020 at the Safety Building.  Current information and many informational  links will continued to be posted on the Town’s website and the Town’s Official Facebook page.

With so many unknowns the Town is encouraging any Salisbury voter to vote by absentee ballot. Restrictions in current laws have been waived.  New voters are encouraged to register with the Town Clerk before the September election. You will be allowed to register on election day, but registering with the Town Clerk beforehand is the safest and most efficient manner of registration.  Please e/mail the Town Clerk at [email protected] to make a appointment  Please if you have any questions email the Town Clerk.

September 8, 2020