Important Public Notice - Town of Salisbury Property Update 2017

public notice


Beginning in July 2017, appraisers from the firm of Cross Country Appraisal Group, LLC (CCAG) will begin an update of properties for the Town of Salisbury.   This process will be completed by September resulting in new values for the fall tax bill. All CCAG employees will have signs on their cars and carry company ID at all times.

The Process: The appraisers will analyze sales that have taken place for the last two years to come up with benchmarks to be used for all properties in Town. The appraisers will then review the entire Town lot by lot to apply these benchmarks. Preliminary values will be established and taxpayers will be notified of the new value and lists of all new values will be posted at the Selectmen’s Office and on the Town’s website.

After values have been set taxpayers are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the appraisers to discuss their values. The dates, times and places of these appointments will be included in the notification letter.

When the informal review process is complete, values will be finalized and given to the Town.  Subsequent tax bills will be based on these new values and a new tax rate. When a taxpayer receives the final tax bill, and the taxpayer disagrees with their new value, they may appeal, in the form of an abatement request, to the Board of Selectmen, on or before March 1st 2018.

                                                            SALISBURY BOARD OF SELECTMEN